Featured On

While the vast majority of my work was written behind the scenes for clients and employers, my work has been featured on a number of sites and outlets over the years. You can find some of it at the links below:

  • lifehack.org – I regularly publish articles for lifehack.org on topics such as business development, productivity, and fatherhood. Check back regularly for my newest post (which will also be sent out via email if you subscribe here).
  • workfromhomewisdom.com – When I worked from home, I produced a handful of articles for Judy Heminsley at Work from Home Wisdom. If you work from home or are interested in doing so, this blog is full of great practical tips on how to do so productively.
  • pengjoon.com – Peng Joon Chan was one of my early clients when working in Seattle. He has since gone from publishing game guides for World of Warcraft to be being one of the top Internet marketers in the industry and we stay in touch to this day.
  • howtoquitworking.com – Listen to my interview with Jeff Steinmann on how I turned my freelance writing side business into a full blown content marketing agency in 2009 and what challenges were involved in that process.
  • incomesociety.com – In an interview with Income Society, I discussed how the job market and my degree choice in college led me to start my business, both to focus on what I do best, but to take advantage of the shifting economic landscape.
  • affilorama.com – Mark Ling, the founder of Affilorama, is another of my long time early clients. I’ve produced content for his site on affilorama.com and have worked with him directly on more than two dozen large scale projects.

I’ve also published a handful of small projects on Amazon, including:

The Gluten Free Handbook

I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance in 2008 and have been gluten free ever since. The process of transitioning to this diet was long and arduous, so in 2010 I gathered my notes and published a short book. There are dozens of books today on the topic, but this is my personal outline of how to deal with the gluten free switch.

101 Ways to Write More Efficiently

One of the skills I enjoy showing off more than any other is the speed at which I can write. I not only type quite quickly; I can write finished copy at a fast pace. This book gathers 101 of the ways in which I have gotten to that point with tips on how to implement them.

The Locksmith’s Daughter

A bit of fun here. I don’t write nearly as often as I’d like, but I dabble in fiction on occasion. This is a short story I wrote in 2012 with a character that’s been in my head since 2007.