7 Things to Do After Launching a New Blog Post

7 Things to Do After Launching a New Blog Post

You’ve just written an epic blog post that you’re certain will go viral in a matter of hours.  You hit “Publish” and wait for those hits and “shares” to roll in.  Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple for most of us, and a few extra steps are required to make sure that your efforts weren’t in vain.  On WordPress alone, there are over 2.2 million posts per day, so you’ll need to find a way to make yours stand out from that crowded field.  Here are seven things that you should do after you launch that well thought-out blog post.

  1. Optimize Your Internal Linking

Whether you do this before or right after initially publishing your post, optimizing internal linking is incredibly important for several reasons.  First, it improves your site’s structure and strengthens the overall authority of its internal pages.  Internal linking is also good for SEO.  According to Moz, these internal links affect the “freshness factor,” which is relevant to performance in the search engines.  The final reason that internal linking is a good idea is that it significantly reduces bounce rate (by as much as 25%) and keeps the reader on your site longer.

  1. Syndicate Your Content

News aggregators are popular sources of getting the top news stories in a variety of industries.  Depending on your focus, you’ll want to share your blog post to a group of relevant news aggregator sources so that people and businesses interested in those types of stories have easy access.   Techlicious is an excellent source of different syndication sites.  Instant RSS Search is another site that allows you discover RSS feeds around various topics.

  1. Create Social Media Updates

There is no greater source of connection and news on the planet than our major social networks.  The participation on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn grows each day, and this is one of the best ways to gain ongoing attention for your new blog post and your business.  If you have a Facebook Page for your business, post a link to your most recent blog post.  There should a be a “featured image” for your post so that this will show up in your social media share.   Posts and Tweets with images tend to perform better than those without.  Also, consider an enticing intro, title, or even posing a question to prompt readers to click on your link.

  1. Add Your Blog Post to Your Newsletter

Do you have an email newsletter?  If you do, this is the perfect place for you to share your latest blog post and ask the reader to click through to read more about an interesting topic.  If you don’t have a newsletter, a well-timed email to your subscriber list can be just as effective.  Be sure to make the message worth their time and attention.

  1. Share and Comment on Similar Content

If you’re still trying to garner authority status in your chosen field, it’s generally a good idea to build trust and rapport through interaction on other’s pages.  This requires a time investment, but the results are worthwhile.  Take the time to leave positive comments on other relevant blog posts and social media sites.  It may also be helpful to reach out to those who are commenting on your own blog by paying a visit to their website or social media page.  In the end, a percentage of these people will return the love when you release a new blog post.

  1. Ask Key Contacts to Share and Bookmark

While you don’t want to be annoying about it, if you have some key contacts and supporters who might be willing to share your content, be sure to ask for the favor.  One key site that is fickle about people sharing their own blog posts is Reddit.  However, if you receive bookmarks from others to some trending or high-traffic subreddits, expect that they’ll stick and that you’ll get some quality traffic from the effort.  Any of the social major social networks are useful for shares, as are mentions in relevant newsletters and email correspondence.

  1. Repurpose into New Formats for Sharing

A great blog post can be turned into so much more by repurposing it into other formats.  For example, audiences love infographics because they deliver tons of information in an easy-to-read format.  You can also turn your blog post into a video, podcast, or short digital course and these can be shared on a variety of different websites.

For content to be effective and drive traffic to your website, you’ll need to rely on more than luck. By being proactive and promoting your blog posts, you’ll find your desired audience.


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