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Do you have a question about inbound marketing, productivity, or content writing that I haven’t covered on the blog?

Awesome, I want to hear it.

Every week I look for stories in my work, from other marketers, and from past experiences that I can share on the blog to illustrate what works and what doesn’t. And one of the coolest ways to create these stories is when they come from a reader.

If you have a question, problem, or hypothetical you want to run by me, here’s the place. Sure you can shoot me an email or submit a form on the contact page, but here is where you can find specific opportunities to really pick my brain and learn more about the industry.

How to Contact Me

Have a direct question? Reach out to me through one of the following:

  • Skype – anthony.chatfield
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Or if you want to connect with me more directly, I regularly hold Google Hangouts during which you can ask questions to me live on the air. Keep your eyes pealed to this page for the most recent Google Hangouts schedule to connect.

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