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I studied creative writing and film at the University of Washington, eager to get a job in the publishing industry. At the time, digital marketing was still developing, Facebook was only two years old, and Twitter was being tested. I started this blog in the fall of 2006 as an experiment before realizing that writing online could be a full-time gig.

I’ve worked as a freelance copywriter, Director of Strategy for a large agency in New York City, and an independent marketing consultant and copywriter, always finding a way to fulfill my dream of making a living as a writer. 

Today I work directly with business owners, marketing teams, and agencies around the globe to support their marketing communications needs, building strategies and helping to execute them for positive results.

I am currently the owner of Chatfield Consulting and I teach composition at Drexel University and Thomas Jefferson University. I live in Philadelphia, PA with my family. 



I’ve worked with more than five hundred clients from fifty five countries and have been published in a number of professional publications discussing content marketing, freelancing, and digital strategy.





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Outstanding writer, highly motivated, ambitious, focused, and dedicated. More so than anyone in this industry has a right to be. Someone others should try to emulate.

 – Micah Alk

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