Brutus Weaver


The Locksmith’s Daughter


Brutus Weaver is bored…and hungry. The city of Willemshire is too peaceful and for a down on his luck former City Guard with nothing to his name but a keen sense of observation, peace is bad for business. So, when a local merchant comes to him for help, Brutus jumps at the opportunity to help. But, he quickly learns that even the simple cases are not that simple.

A different kind of mystery

The World of Brutus Weaver

Exiled from a life in the Upper City years earlier, Brutus Weaver is the odd man out in the slums of Willemshire, a man anyone can turn to for help, but no one trusts because of his past. Shunned by his former life in the upper crust of society and a black sheep in the world he now finds himself, Brutus makes his way as a finder of lost things. 

Set in a medieval world reliant on the whims of Dukes and Marquesses, and driven by greed and avarice, the stories of Brutus Weaver delve into the shady side of magic, the unexpected “rewards” for a job well done, and the wry cynicism of a man just looking for another job. 


Brutus Weaver – Stories

Story #1 – The Locksmith’s Daughter

Down on his luck, exiled from his home, and looking for work; Brutus Weaver must find a locksmith’s missing daughter before time runs out; but something is amiss. 

This is the first in a series of short stories, currently published on Amazon, and available as an audiobook on Audible and Apple.

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