Finding Good Ideas for Blog Posts

7 Hacks to Generate Blog Post Topics in 2 Minutes or Less

Content marketing works – study after study has shown that properly targeted, well written, evenly distributed content works extremely well to generate and nurture leads. The leads are higher quality. The content generates trust. It’s all kinds of awesome.

But just because it works doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy. When you discover a good blog article can drive traffic, build trust, create leads, and generally do good things for your company, naturally you want to create MORE of that goodness.

And yet, the process of actually brainstorming and outlining good blog topics can be time consuming and generally exhausting. To help, I’ve gathered seven tips I personally use when my content backlog starts to run low.… Read More

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6 Tips to Get More Done After Lunch

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You’ve had one of those days. You wake up early, get to work with time to spare, feeling sharp and on-point. You check off item after item on your to do list and it feels AMAZING. Everything just flows. 

Then you go to lunch.

Sluggish, distracted, and a little bit sleepy – you stumble back to your desk after lunch and do your best to stay awake; forget about being productive.

The options are slim and usually not very healthy. Coffee. Sugar. Facebook.

You’re packing on the pounds or attracting the wrong kind of attention from your supervisor.… Read More

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Getting Things Done - Managing Your To Do List

7 Tips to Help You Trust Your To Do List

A few years ago, I read David Allen’s Getting Things Done – a right of passage for any entrepreneur it seems. The book was an eye opener, but it took me more than a year and a half from reading it before my day looked even remotely close to what Allen describes in his book.

This was a source of great stress for me. So much so that I bought software, attended online courses, and threw away old notebooks just to try and break old habits and build the new one I knew would be beneficial to me.

If you’re anything like I was then, you can see the benefit of having a well manicured to do list, but are running into walls in creating such a list.… Read More

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5 Tips to Resurrect a Dead or Dying Company Blog

A friend of mine called last week with a question. Having recently started a new job for a small publishing company, he was tasked with resurrecting the company’s long dead blog.

His boss rightly noted that it was a good way to engage with readers and prospective authors, but there were three problems.

The blog was abandoned When active, it didn’t perform well My friend had limited time to manage the blog

This is a common problem. According to a 2012 survey by, 60% of all businesses have a business or company blog, and yet 65% of those blogs haven’t been updated in a year or more.… Read More

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Do You Need a Swipe File?

I’m not originally a copywriter by trade. That’s a common misconception.

Things have changed in recent years, largely because the consistency and quality of writing needed for even a local website to compete has increased dramatically. Content needs to be clever, witty, convincing, and converting.

So I spent the better part of the years since the first Google Panda update reading up on what drives human behavior, what triggers certain actions, and how I can make my copy not just convincing, but compulsively readable.

One of the most important tips I’ve discovered yet, and one that I WISH I had five years ago, was to create a swipe file.… Read More

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How to Define a “Doable” Task

One of the biggest general obstacles to productivity is the idea of “doability”. Goals, dreams, and tasks become interchangeable to a point that the average to do list is too vague and extremely hard to take action on.

If you’ve read any books on productivity, you know that this is the underpinning of most systems. Finding a way to generate actionable, “doable” tasks that can be completed in a finite period of time.

“Build a website” is not an actionable task. It is a goal, possibly a milestone. If I were to ask you exactly how long it would take to build a website, or what was involved, you could easily break it down into ten, twenty or thirty more tasks.… Read More

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10 Best SaaS Services for Freelancers

When I started freelancing, my sole expenses were Internet access and my Elance Membership. My computer was slow and didn’t hold a charge. My software was outdated and limited the projects I could take. I did accounting and scheduling in Excel and Word.

But I made it work, so if you’re just starting or your budget is extremely tight, what I’m about to show you is not VITAL. No single tool on this list is required to be a successful freelancer. There are free alternatives to every one of them.

However, for those that can afford it or that want to speed up and mobilize their services, these are exceptional SaaS tools that make it possible.… Read More

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How to Write an Engaging, Non-Spam Email Newsletter

My business partner and I have something of a running disagreement on the efficacy of email marketing as an SEO tool. We wholeheartedly agree on its usefulness as an engagement tool – to capture leads and maintain a connection with them until a sale (or action) is solicited.

But I think the very things that make email marketing effective to capture leads, also makes it effective to reduce bounce rates and improve on-page metrics, which in turn is good for SEO. Micah doesn’t necessarily disagree, but doesn’t think it’s quite as important as some of the other things you can do to drive engagement on a site.… Read More

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How Much Time Do You Need for Your Writing Project?

Especially when you start freelancing, one of the hardest things to do is measure your time. How do you know in advance how much time it will take to complete a blog post for example, or 10 articles about a topic you’ve never written about before?

While a good time estimate is important for your schedule, it’s doubly important for your bid – ensuring you get paid enough for your time. Here are some things to consider when plotting out a new project – whether for yourself or a client.

The Raw Writing Time

The first thing most writers do is calculate raw writing time.… Read More

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7 Add-On Services for Your Writing Clients

I started my career picking at the scraps of the online writing world. Yes, I willingly submitted articles to micropay sites, and yes I had an account with sites like TextBroker (it didn’t exist yet, but others like it did). I worked for pennies, and while I don’t recommend it to anyone who can avoid it, I learned quite a bit in those early days.

Namely, there are no writing tasks I cannot perform. Today, I still get clients who contact me about website content and then ask if I can write blog posts.

Of course I can, but in the mind of most clients, these services are very different.… Read More

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