7 Hacks to Generate Highly Shareable Content

Good content resonates. It crosses editorial lines and finds an audience in places you may not expect. But “good” content doesn’t necessarily mean “shareable” content. Useful ideas, valuable resources, and well written copy are a must, but a good percentage of your audience is in a hurry, and the factors that go into the sharing of content are often very different from what makes that content good in the first place.

A significant percentage of content on Twitter for example is shared without having been read. People will retweet interesting topics and evocative headlines, not necessarily articles they have read and enjoyed.… Read More

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How to Write Link Bait that Isn’t Click Bait

For the last half decade, you couldn’t login to Facebook or Twitter without stumbling upon posts that attempted to blatantly manipulate you into clicking.

An entire industry sprang out of the mindless hours people spend clicking into and out of articles they find in social media feeds. And the results were compelling.

2 year old Beagle gets a new ball and you’ll NEVER believe what happens next…

What type of coffee drinker are you? (#8 will SHOCK you!)

For years he worked 8 hours a day until something unspeakable happened…

The problem isn’t the titles of these articles. We love to read about incredible things and if a story is legitimately incredible, please tell me about it.… Read More

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7 Tips to Create Better Content Faster

Content is one of the great equalizers of the digital age. Every mom and pop company with an Internet connection can build a platform and become an authority that competes with even the largest and best established brands in the marketplace.

But there are some barriers to entry. Certainly the size of your distribution channels and the resources you have to reach a wider audience can be an issue, but even before that, there is the issue of creating all that content.

Someone has to sit down and write, record, or design all the content you plan to use in your campaigns.… Read More

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3 Steps to Analyze and Get Better Results from Content

Through careful development and smart distribution, even the smallest companies can make a big splash in a saturated market with content. But the lower bar to entry doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easier.

Quite the opposite in fact.

That very saturation makes it increasingly hard to get the topic, timing, layout, and distribution of content just right – to hit the perfect point at which everything comes together and a blog post or video hits critical mass.

Fortunately, the recent push toward inbound marketing strategies has created a new market for tools that help with this. From tools that help generate buzz-generating blog post topics to analytics tools that scour the web for hot articles based on your topic search, you can make better informed decisions than ever before planning your campaigns.… Read More

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23 Ways to Be a More Efficient Writer

At the core of any website, product, eBook, promotional campaign, or advertisement is a good writer. Someone who can spin a good yarn and create content that engages and encourages.

But writing takes time. Even if you style yourself a fantastic writer, it takes a long time to put together a quality piece of content, bottlenecking your marketing efforts. To help you get more done in less time, here are 23 writing tips that will make you more efficient at what you do:

1. Write Every Day 

So many reasons this is important, but I’ll keep it simple. If you want to excel at something, you need to practice, and if you want your practice to be effective, you need it to be consistent – hence writing every day.… Read More

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5 New Habits to Reach Inbox Zero This Week

For most people, it’s a myth. A state of being that they’ve only dreamed of and rarely seen. Inbox zero. The ability to get an email inbox down to empty – not just once a year but on a consistent basis.

I’ve been obsessed with it for years, but only in the last three has it become something realistic to aim for. All too often the quest for inbox zero results in a whole lot of wasted time – the dreaded email sap that can make it impossible to get anything else done. Tim Ferriss clearly illustrates just how much time the average person wastes on email in his book, The Four Hour Work Week.… Read More

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The 5 Biggest Productivity Killers in Your Day and How to Handle Them

Everyone has their roadblocks – the hiccups in their schedule that can derail a perfectly planned day. Whether it’s getting the children out the door in the morning, taking phone calls from clients, meetings with internal stakeholders, or plain old email, there’s bound to be something in your day that keeps popping up and pulling your attention away from the stuff that really matters.

And it’s a little different for everyone. But there are a handful of common distractions, activities, or behaviors that claim more hours out of more days than anything else in the business world. Here are five of those and the tactics I use to overcome or avoid them on a daily basis.… Read More

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AB Testing for Optimizing Conversions

The Six Most Underrated Split Tests and Why Most Marketers Ignore Them

Split testing is a must. But whether it’s the amount of time available or impatience from stakeholders or clients, it often doesn’t go nearly as far as you’d like.

Most of the split testing I see is for one of two elements:

Email and landing page headlines


2. Call to Action text and imagery

It’s true that these two items are immensely important. So much so that small tweaks and tests can lead to increases of 10-20% in click thru rate and conversion (and subsequently all of your other metrics).

But there are so many other opportunities to test and evaluate what works and what doesn’t in your marketing efforts.… Read More

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How to Increase CTA % on Your Top 5 Pages in 15 Minutes or Less with Hubspot

One of the many benefits Hubspot offers is the ability to see exactly how effectively a given page performs at converting traffic to new contacts. If you haven’t yet, visit the Page Performance page located in the Reports menu.

On this page, you’ll find every page currently tagged with Hubspot code, along with total page views for any given time period you set from the top menu, the number of keywords it ranks for (that you are currently tracking) and the number of external links pointing to that page. This is probably the single most important page in Hubspot and yet for many people it remains buried behind the slightly less crunchy Sources and Dashboard reports.… Read More

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Finding Good Ideas for Blog Posts

7 Hacks to Generate Blog Post Topics in 2 Minutes or Less

Content marketing works – study after study has shown that properly targeted, well written, evenly distributed content works extremely well to generate and nurture leads. The leads are higher quality. The content generates trust. It’s all kinds of awesome.

But just because it works doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy. When you discover a good blog article can drive traffic, build trust, create leads, and generally do good things for your company, naturally you want to create MORE of that goodness.

And yet, the process of actually brainstorming and outlining good blog topics can be time consuming and generally exhausting. To help, I’ve gathered seven tips I personally use when my content backlog starts to run low.… Read More

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