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Thanks for reading my blog! I've been in the digital marketing industry since graduating college in 2006 as a writer and strategist. I have an incredible family, a son with more energy than I can fathom, and an undying love for baseball and board games.

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Words I Hate to Type

When you write enough words, you start to develop an interesting relationship with the task of typing. By that I mean, there are a few words and phrases that you hate typing and others that you greatly enjoy. I am writing this particular blog post because I just spent a half hour writing more than 1,000 words about humidifiers and I hate typing that word.

I don’t have a personal aversion to humidity or to the act of humidification, but the word itself is a pain in the butt to write. I can write it 200 times and the odds are that I’ll spell it wrong 199 of those times.… Read More

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A Week of Experimental Dieting

Before you read the title of this blog post and think that I spent the week ingesting only pickled lamb’s tongues, let me just say, it’s not like that.

The experimental diet in question isn’t so much strange as an ongoing test of what works best for my body and I am happy to say that it has been quite the success. For those of you wondering what the heck I’m talking about, here is some backstory.

The Backstory

I have always been fairly healthy, minus a few bouts of anxiety in college and a strange year of high blood pressure that has never since recurred.… Read More

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Why Making Work Fun Can Increase Your Income

Today has been an interesting day. I started it by writing for three hours about a very familiar topic, then came home and wrote for another hour about a very new topic, topping it off with an interview with Dan Allard about writing productivity. It was a writing kind of day.

Then I came across this and I started thinking about why I am capable of getting so much done. Most of what I said in the interview (which I’ll link to here when it’s live) was serious enough. Take your business seriously and don’t treat it like a hobby. Find a routine that works for you.… Read More

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Saturday Afternoon – A Lesson in Patience

I’m not what my wife would call a patient man. I’ve come to terms with that and as a result I feel I’ve developed a much keener sense of patience than I once had. I have a small amount of self-control when it comes to Best Buy and Gamestop (though that may at least partially have something to do with the new house and my bouncing bundle of trouble), and I don’t immediately start banging the steering wheel at a too slow line of cars behind a green light.

But today is a perfect example of the degrees of patience I’ve started to develop, if only because if I didn’t I feel I might rupture an artery.… Read More

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The Extra 20 Minutes

I like to be efficient. No matter what I’m doing, I like to get it done as fast as possible and in the process I end up competing with myself. It got me promoted at my first and third jobs and it kept me in good graces with my boss at my fourth (who I eventually married), so it’s no surprise that I constantly berate myself for lost time when writing.

I think it’s what has made me such an effective business owner. The number one obstacle most people face in being their own boss is that they can’t get focus and get things done without someone looking over their shoulder.… Read More

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Do Something!

Today’s post comes to you courtesy of my morning.

I woke up today excited to get some work done. I have been cruising through a handful of new ideas lately and the results have already started to show up – it’s been encouraging.

Then today I woke up, stared at my calendar for way too long, wasted time in my inbox, and surfed the WarriorForum for at least a half hour.

It’s now 12:45 and while I’ve done some stuff, I could have done lots of stuff. So, for myself and anyone else out there who is staring at the stains on your ceiling instead of writing a blog post, contacting clients or building a new website, let’s get to it.… Read More

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Dropbox Rocks

My Friend, the Cloud

Dropbox Rocks

I use a lot of stuff when I log on to my computer each day. I have a laptop, lots of software to write, record or develop whatever I’m working on that particular day, and all my mobile devices to keep me connected when I leave the house. But, at the end of the day, there is only one thing I would be completely and utterly helpless without – Dropbox.

Dropbox, along with the other cloud software tools I use – from storage to scheduling to collaboration – make it possible for me to work from anywhere. I forgot to charge my laptop but I have a meeting I need to attend?… Read More

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How to Write an eBook – The Introduction

Research, outlining, brainstorming – you’ve just poured a boat load of work into the development of your eBook and if you’re still plugging along, you’re doing a lot better than 99% of the aspiring writers out there.

Now it’s time for the part that most of us dread – the introduction. Personally, I can’t write a lick until I’ve gotten this 2-3 page piece out of the way. But, you may be different. I’ve heard of a rare breed of writer out there capable of writing like mad men on any given part of their book, regardless of the order, introduction be damned.… Read More

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Keep Track of those Contractors

I logged into my Odesk account this morning to reply to a message and was greeted with a list of not two, not three, but 7 contractors I’m currently outsourcing various aspects of different projects to. These are all tasks I couldn’t perform if I wanted to – graphic design, server-side script installation, programming, etc.

But, it was still kind of incredible. I somehow had managed to successfully hire and manage the contracts of 7 people from various corners of the globe – most of them on behalf of clients – and didn’t realize how many there were.

On one hand, it was a little scary.… Read More

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How to Write an eBook – Research

Last time, I called research the backbone of all good content. After all, what’s the point of writing? You’re trying to convince someone that you’re an expert on a topic, or in our case that our clients are experts. So, how do you do that if you don’t learn everything there is to know about the topic before slapping your eBook together?

I know it may seem like a whole lot of extra work – especially considering you’re on a budget and have a timeline in which to get the book done, but there are a number of ways to speed the process up and get more done in less time while still learning as much as possible about the given topic.… Read More

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