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Learning Experiences and Engagements


Game Based Learning

How games can be used to enhance learning in the classroom, workplace, and beyond. 


Composition with Games

The role of games in teaching composition in the classroom, including using games as texts. 


Game Selection

Identifying the suitable games for the audience, based on age, interest, experience level, and more. 

Instructional Design

How to craft syllabi and lesson plans that integrate games in a seamless way that meets learning objectives.

Experiential Learning

Engaging with students based on their lived experiences, both in and out of the classroom to create stronger, lasting connections.

Customized Courses

Courses designed to meet the needs of individuals and organizations based on your specific learning objectives. 

About Anthony

Thank you for your interest! I am a lifelong writer who has worked in marketing agencies, corporate environments and my home office crafting and matching the voice of diverse organizations. This has allowed me to provide extensive training at all levels of seniority, both in and out of the classroom.

I teach composition at several Philadelphia Universities and have built and refined courses that specifically use games and experiential-learning to explore composition techniques and support broader reflective writing. 

As a speaker, I share the resources I’ve gathered and refined, case studies of student success, and hands-on exercises and lesson plans to guide other teachers, administrators and employers in using game-based learning in their organizations. 


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