One of the many benefits Hubspot offers is the ability to see exactly how effectively a given page performs at converting traffic to new contacts. If you haven’t yet, visit the Page Performance page located in the Reports menu.
On this page, you’ll find every page currently tagged with Hubspot code, along with total page views for any given time period you set from the top menu, the number of keywords it ranks for (that you are currently tracking) and the number of external links pointing to that page. This is probably the single most important page in Hubspot and yet for many people it remains buried behind the slightly less crunchy Sources and Dashboard reports.
No more, because I’m about to show you how to dig into these numbers and, in less than 15 minutes, optimize your top five pages to get a higher CTA%.
First, identify your top five pages. These will likely include your homepage, your contact page, your about page, and your top 2-3 services or products.
For most sites, these pages represent 50% of your total pageviews in any given month (depending on the size of the site), and may represent at much as 80% of your total new traffic. After all, that’s what a home page is for.
So when it comes to optimization, it’s important to start at the top. Optimizing every page of your site would take days – just the top five? Only a few minutes.

Step 1 – Fix Any SEO Errors on Page

Hubspot provides an easy to read error code if you have any glaring SEO problems on the page. Look for red circles and yellow yield signs and fix those problems FIRST. Yes these are SEO issues, but when it comes to on-page SEO, many of those factors will affect user experience as much if not more so than the SERPs.

Step 2 – Check CTA Placement on Site

Are your CTAs visible? If your best performing CTA is at the bottom of the page, move it up. If one CTA is getting a 2% CTR and the other is getting 0.5%, make sure the good one is at the top. There’s nothing worse than a good CTA being buried in the footer where few if any visitors will ever see it.

Step 3 – Check CTA Focus on Site

Are you showing the right CTAs on this particular page? I’ve seen more than a small share of sites using only bottom of the funnel CTAs on their home page, which expectedly convert at a relatively low rate. Someone who just stumbled onto your site isn’t going to be enticed by a big red “buy now” button.
They may, however, want to read your buying guide for whatever you’re selling or an eBook about how to solve a major problem they are currently having.

Step 4 – Adjust Size/Color of Target CTA

These are tiny tweaks but can sometimes have a huge impact.
A client I was working with had a site with a relatively low CTA % following a site launch. It turned out that the problem was at least partially due to the CTA colors. Instead of a deep blue which blended slightly into the background at the fold-position in which the CTA was situated, we switched to a brilliant orange that screamed for attention.
While we continued to tweak and adjust these CTAs over time, that initial switch of color (which took all of 5 minutes) netted us a 24% increase in conversions from our top 5 pages.

Step 5 – Test for 24 Hours and Revise

Any change you make should be done with a grain of salt. You can work with all the data in the world at your back, but in the end, results are what matter. Your job is to make highly educated guesses and compare the results against whatever was there before.
In this case, note the current averages, make your changes, and compare the results with what was there before. More likely than not you’ll see an improvement, but you may not in some cases, and if not, you want to switch it back and test again as soon as possible.
The above five steps will take you at most fifteen minutes for any one of the pages on the list, especially if you are using the CTA builder provided by Hubspot and can tweak the code quickly and without the help of a designer.
Will your CTAs jump exponentially overnight? Probably not. But even if your conversion percentage increases by only 0.25%, imagine how many more people that represents over the course of a month…or a year.
How are you using the Hubspot Page Performance tool to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts?