I’m taking a break from my “informational” posts and the novel I’m working on because I don’t feel like delving into anything too deep right now. My computer got a virus last night and shredded by files to little pieces. Luckily, when I was bored a few weeks ago, I took the time to back everything up properly and now perform regular backups simply because I often get bored and I might as well keep it up to date. I didn’t lose any files this time around and I was

Not quite melted, but that Trojan did a number

amused by the fact that it was merely because I was bored – seems like an odd reason for my computer to remain intact, but I’ll take it. 
I suppose, that’s what working at home comes down to though. Last month was incredibly boring – I had zero work for about 16 days in a row leading into the week after Christmas and technically I had nothing to do because of it. However, instead of sitting around and playing Halo 3 (which was mighty tempting), I organized my files, backed everything up (saving my computer yesterday in the process), did my taxes, cleaned the house, and performed a half dozen other chores that I never would have done otherwise. It worked out pretty well. It’s all about the self motivation – something that can plague any good freelancer if they get sloppy. 
I wasn’t supposed to be going on about freelancing though, so I’ll leave you with that. I’ll be back tomorrow with another exciting segment in my ongoing web-novel: sounds goofy doesn’t it. Oh well, it’s fun to write.